Multi-Stakeholder Interactions

Narayan Chamber of Policy (NCP) remains keen to validate the findings from desk research (read more – Desk Research), with in-person and virtual stakeholder interactions. This helps in gauging a multi-stakeholder perspective on regulatory issues, and bring forth their perspective, perception, expectations etc. from the regulatory regime. Various different methods are available for such interactions, such as, but not limited to the following. 


We are adept at designing surveys and survey instruments for national level interactions with consumers/users, businesses, or any other specific stakeholder group(s). A detailed methodology is followed for the same, starting with a gap analysis and logical framework analysis, framing of hypothesis. This is followed by designing surveys – framing a sample spread, preparing questionnaires, conducting surveyor training and pilot exercises, and data collection. It concludes with data analysis, and presentation of findings. We partner with leading survey agencies for data collection.

Focus Group Discussions

Many issues require a more detailed and qualitative discussion with a set of key stakeholder(s). FGDs (Focus Group Discussions) are useful in this regard, and may take the shape of publicly available roundtable discussions, or closed-door discussions under Chatham House rules.

Key Informant Interviews

Key Informant Interviews (KIIs) are primarily used for sensitizing policy makers and policy influencers, on specific policy issues. It’s a good way for us to apprise them of our research inputs, or our perspective in submissions to policy consultations.